Hardscape Infrastructure

Is your yard a soggy bog or one giant hill? Hardscape infrastructure refers to projects that can affect the overall site, transforming runoff, erosion, and hills into usable space.

Our hardscape infrastructure options include:

Passive and Active Drainage – Water pooling around your home can cause a lot of damage to structures, entice mosquitos, and grow mold. In winter, water may create slip hazards, and over time, water can harm the integrity of any outdoor structures or even your home itself. If your yard or green space has drainage issues, we can assess the problem and produce a solution so that the land isn’t flooding or too dry. Our team can install passive systems (that use gravity to redirect water) or active systems with a pump in more flood prone locations.

Terracing – Steep hillsides are challenging to navigate and maintain. If your yard contains a large slope or hill, consider adding terraces. These level surfaces are perfect for installing playsets or patios, stolling, gardening, and getting around your yard. We can add a terrace to nearly any slope with either stone or pavers.

Site Grading – North Carolina’s terrain offers lovely rolling hills in this part of the state. While beautiful, they can often present challenges for homeowners. We can grade areas of your yard to create a flat, open space or to prepare it for hardscaping, a deck, or to divert water away from your patio or deck.

Erosion Management – Our team can add vegetative cover, boulders, river gravel, or mulch to prevent erosion in your space. Some of our erosion projects have used boulders and river gravel. We’ll examine the soil, location, and consider your use as well as aesthetics to make sure the choice will not only work best, but also fit in with your yard’s visual appeal.

What to Expect with Hardscape Infrastructure

Hardscape infrastructure projects vary because every yard is different. We’ll walk the grounds with you and discuss problem areas. We’ll also check your soil type and talk about your use of the space as well as future planned uses so we can recommend a solution that will work long-term.

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