Outdoor Living

An attractive outdoor living space enhances your home, not just for you but for your future resale value. In North Carolina, most homeowners get several months per year of outdoor time, making an outdoor living or kitchen area valuable. The definition of outdoor living varies greatly by family — and yours may even change over time as you add children or send them out of the nest.

Regardless, outdoor spaces offer visual appeal, a place to unwind, space for entertaining, and more. Studies even show your health can improve with more time spent outdoors. Whether you’re seeking a green oasis, an entertainer’s paradise, an outdoor kitchen, or a mix, we’d love to help!

Design Your Outdoor Living Space

The Storybook Stone team is thrilled to create incredible outdoor living spaces. Our team can design and build your dream, featuring:

  • Waterscapes/Aquascapes
  • Patio design
  • Fire Pits
  • Outdoor shower
  • Outdoor kitchen
  • Plantscapes
  • Stonescapes
  • Gazebos
  • Outdoor Lighting

The Storybook Stone Creative Process

Our work together begins with a design meeting. During that meeting, we walk your property together as you describe your dream space. Think about:

  • How do you want your space to look and feel?
  • What features are you adding?
  • Are there any problems you’d like to address?

If you have photos of something you love, please bring those. We can also show you photos of our past work to guide our discussion. We’ll sketch out the plan and finalize decisions about stone or pavers if needed. We’ll lay out the timetable and budget and soon, your yard will be transformed!

How long will it take to create my outdoor living space?

Our most frequently asked question is also the hardest to answer! Of course, how long the work takes depends on your project scope and the weather, but we’ll be sure to give you an estimate after we create the design.

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